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Crystal Bowl of Light

Tanzanite, Platinum Ocean Gold Practitioner Bowl, 7", E-45

Tanzanite, Platinum Ocean Gold Practitioner Bowl, 7", E-45

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Sunstone, Laughing Buddha Supreme Frosted Inside, Limited Edition Fire Element Bowl 8" C-25
Musical Note: C - root chakra
Diameter: 8" (20.32cm)

Energy signatures:
Sunstone – It plays the role of a catalyst towards a graceful integration of the masculine with the divine feminine. It opens the way towards the acceptance of a presence freed from the ego, allowing us to welcome the nourishing mother who lives in the divine mother.

Laughing Buddha - Everything in this bowl invites relaxation, letting go, the emergence of creativity of Divine origin, prosperity, peace and wisdom. The Laughing Buddha Bowl radiates love, compassion and the joviality of Eastern teachings. It leads us to love ourselves fully, not to take ourselves too seriously, and to sometimes make fun of ourselves. It releases the healing sound of joy, expressed through laughter.

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