Pink Himalayan Androgynous Indium Bowl™ 12" G+15

Pink Himalayan Androgynous Indium Bowl™ 12" G+15

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Pink Himalayan Androgynous Indium Bowl 12” G+15
Musical Note: G # - thyroid gland
Diameter: 12" (30.5cm)

Energy signatures:
Pink Himalayan Salt - Centering the emotional body and grounding the heart and mind, the alchemy of pink Himalayan salt brings back old memories and encourages connection to your inner child, while channeling joy and playfulness .

Androgynous Indium - This bowl has a deep blue-purple iridescence that radiates the light of Ascension (I Am One). By illuminating the inner life, it leads to a complete integration of the man/woman duality.

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