Ocean Indium, Platinum (inside) Practitioner Bowl™ 5" D-40

Ocean Indium, Platinum (inside) Practitioner Bowl™ 5" D-40

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Ocean Indium, Platinum (Inside) Practitioner Bowl 5” D-40
Musical Note:
Diameter: 5" (12.7cm)

Energy signatures:
Ocean Indium - It has a higher and softer magenta frequency, which communicates to the body and helps it to rebalance itself overall, while fighting sustainably against aging. Indium, a trace element promoting longevity and the absorption of minerals by the body, is part of its composition. The sine waves of Violet and Indium develop the Spirit from within. It is a true catalyst for a better lifestyle combining improved chi circulation, healthier diet, greater mobility, activation of the Third Eye (pineal gland), optimal spiritual alignment, and balancing of masculine energies. and feminine. Thanks to this bowl, you will have access to another dimension in which you will activate usually unused areas of the brain.

Platinum - The pastel elegance of the rainbow resonates in the yin energy of the Platinum Bowl which stimulates the sacred feminine, relieves stress and depression, and aligns the intuitive emotional body. This stunning alchemical bowl unifies the body's astral and physical fields in an opalescent sonic rainbow bath - a super harmonizer/balancer. It has a calming, stabilizing effect, for a perfect harmonization resonance. A beautiful addition to any sacred union celebration.

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