Frankincense, White Light Angel Gold Bowl™ 8" D-25

Frankincense, White Light Angel Gold Bowl™ 8" D-25

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Frankincense, White Light Angel Gold Bowl 8” D-25
Musical Note: Re - Sacral Chakra
Diameter: 8” (20.3cm)

Energy signatures:
Frankincense - Frankincense develops self-love and spiritual love. It increases our level of knowledge by inspiring and awakening our spiritual senses. It transforms and expands our consciousness. Frankincense accelerates spiritual growth by opening the crown chakra, bringing energetic bodies into alignment with the physical.

White Light Angel Gold - The important healing energies of Gold work powerfully
with the solar plexus, strengthening self-esteem, artistic expression and prosperity: they are the source of a frequency that improves self-confidence. Linked to the sun and the moon, White Light Angel Gold positively impacts digestion, the nervous system, anxiety, panic attacks and regenerates chemical balance. It increases abundance, fertility and prosperity.

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