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Crystal Alchemy Sound Healing Level 1 Certification Training - online - Part I Theories and principles (self-study)

Crystal Alchemy Sound Healing Level 1 Certification Training - online - Part I Theories and principles (self-study)

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Sound healing through crystal alchemy level 1 - Part I Theories and principles ( self-study )

Explore all facets of this healing modality, dive into the sea of ​​knowledge to equip yourself to become a confident and compassionate sound healer using Crystal Alchemy singing bowls.

Level 1: Part I Theories and principles Online modules

- self-paced online courses with pre-recorded videos

- over 8 hours of video content

- pdf manual and integrated workbook

- Training content :

-Principles of energies
-Frequencies, vibrations, sounds, colors and geometries.
-Intention, attention, connection, rituals and ceremonies.
-The human instrument
-Healing and emotions
-chakras and endocrine system
-Meditation, breathing, mantras, sound yoga.
-musical theories
-bowls, crystals, alchemy, elements
-sets, binaural, bowl selections

Who Should Attend ?

⁃ anyone interested in learning more about crystal alchemy singing bowls.

⁃ yoga teachers and practitioners wishing to deepen their practice with sound.

⁃ energy healers and light workers curious about this unique healing tool.

⁃ sound healers and practitioners looking to expand their practice and elevate their offerings.

Preconditions :

⁃ discovery workshop

⁃ willingness to be open to learning and supporting each other to unlock our highest potential.

⁃ the desire to transform and build practices that support and support your growth

⁃ commitment and devotion to your own continued expansion and transformation.

What should you expect?

⁃ whether you have years of experience or zero knowledge, inviting you to come with a clear and open mind to learn and be inspired to explore.

⁃ starting with either online, self-paced learning modules of theories and principles and an in-person discovery workshop, then a one-day intensive training or a two-day immersive weekend training .

⁃ taking your practice, wherever it is today, to the next level

⁃ have lots of laughter and fun, maybe a few healing tears and deep emotional labors, surely moments of breaking all perceived limits and many more breakthroughs.

⁃ establish, manifest and renew our intention for personal transformation.

-At the end of the discovery workshop, the first part online and the second part in person or online, participants will receive a Crystal Alchemy Sound Healing certificate, accredited by CMA - The Complementary Medical Association.

- training is normally provided in English, if you would like to request training in French, please contact us.

-Energy investment: 333 Eur (early registration 2 months in advance: 222 Eur)

All payments are final. No refunds except in cases of personal emergency. Payment plans are available upon special request.

Bonuses and goodies:

⁃ 1 hour of free consultation with trainers for bowl selection.

- discount on bowl purchase

⁃ Course manual with a learning journal to fill out.


*If you need to purchase bowls, or build your set before class begins, please contact us right after you register so we can begin the selection process with you and have your bowls shipped to you in time for you to familiarize yourself with your bowls before class begins.

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