Charcoal, Aqua Aura Gold Bowl™, 9" D-35

Charcoal, Aqua Aura Gold Bowl™, 9" D-35

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Charcoal, Aqua Aura Gold Bowl 9" D-35
Musical Note:
Diameter: 9" (22.86cm)

Energy signatures:
Charcoal - Enter unexplored spiritual and physical dimensions with the alchemy of the pure crystal charcoal bowl, a grounding tool for today's expansive and rapidly accelerating energies. The ultimate sound portal for clarity, personal insight and release of physical, emotional and spiritual toxins.

Aqua Aura Gold - Influencing the balance of the analytical aspect of the mind and transmuting blockages that give rise to disharmonies, Aqua Aura Gold lovingly entrains the auric fields for quantum shift and activation.

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