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Wisdom is like rain; its source is unlimited but it falls according to the season.


When we go out into nature, we naturally feel a stabilizing and grounding effect on our general well-being. If we could regularly tap into this well of regenerative energies, be present, never losing sight of our constant connection and access to this universal energy and wisdom, we'd open ourselves up to fully savoring the pure nectar of each moment.

Inspired by the power of connection with nature, I propose this new series of seasonal healing circles. On a 13-week journey to attune ourselves to the essence of the season, we progress and adapt to the rhythm of nature, connecting with the energies of the season's food, the energies of the planets and stars, the energies within ourselves.

Join me in this exploration through:

  • 13 weekly 40minutes on-demand sessions
  • Comprising 10 minutes of weekly lecture, 10 minutes of light movement and breathing exercises, and a 20-minute meditation in a sound bath.
  • Lecture topics include: the different body needs of the season, nutrition, rest, exercise and movement, emotional focus, astro energies, chakras, rituals, self-care, etc.
  • Support in setting up a regular personal practice with a short 10-minute exercise that you can repeat throughout the week. 
  • Access to sound bath meditation whenever you need a moment of inwardness and access to inner calm.
  • Cultivate a meditation practice through a guided or purely sound version of sound bath meditation.
  • Be part of a community that will enable you to continue sharing and supporting each other throughout the program.

Share the joy of sending love and peace to a circle of bodies, minds and souls while immersed in the harmonious sound of the crystal bowls. There is enormous healing power in being and creating such a state of loving-kindness within ourselves to support others. An act of self-love can have repercussions for the whole world.

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