Archangel Micheal, Aqua Aura Gold (inside) Bowl™, 6" B-40

Archangel Micheal, Aqua Aura Gold (inside) Bowl™, 6" B-40

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Archangel Michael, Aqua Aura Gold Bowl
Musical Note: B - Crown Chakra
Diameter: 6" (15.24cm)

Energy signatures:
Archangel Michael - Channel the essence of Archangel Michael into divine protection and grace. Archangel Michael is probably the best known of the archangels and his name means: "He who is like God. His sword of light can be invoked to cut the negative energy cords that drain our energy. You can also imagine this sword cutting thoughts negative and fear-based. Michael stands for all that is pure and true. He exudes great courage and power and can be called upon in times when one feels insecure. You can call on him to Michael to protect you, your loved ones and your home.

Aqua Aura Gold - Influencing the balance of the analytical mental aspect and transmuting the blockages that give rise to disharmony, Aqua Aura Gold lovingly trains the auric fields for quantum change and activation. Aqua Aura stimulates channeling and self-expression, and deepens spiritual attunement and communication. It is a protective stone that protects against psychic or psychological attacks. It imparts deep peace during meditation. Used in conjunction with other crystals, Aqua Aura enhances their healing properties. This crystal heals, cleanses and calms the aura, releasing stress and healing holes. It then activates the chakras, particularly at the throat where it promotes communication with the heart.

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