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Come discover the many facets of Crystal Alchemy singing bowls as a new medicine based on ancient healing modalities.

What will you learn?

Topics that will be covered include, but are not limited to, the following basic concepts:

Energies and globality

- The world is understood through energies

- Wholeness of being

Healing frequencies and vibrations

- Power of intention

- Resonance and entrainment

Body and chemistry:

- Chakras & energy centers

- Hormones and endocrine system

Crystal alchemy: singing bowls

- Composition and properties

- Musical notes and chords

Who should attend ?

Whether you are a regular meditator, a yoga practitioner, or someone who has no practice at all, or someone who is interested in discovering the integration of crystal bowls into their own practice, as long as you are curious and stay open to discovery, this introductory course would introduce you to the many fundamental knowledge needed to understand this new healing tool.

Strong points :

coverage of basic fundamental concepts in a short half-day workshop.

Small group learning

It is not necessary to have bowls to participate in the workshop.

Experimental workshop mixed with theories, individual and group exercises.

Good preparation before certified immersive training

-Includes a complete sound bath session


printed manual on course work

1 free 30-minute consultation session on bowl choice

Discount on the purchase of a bowl

Useful information :

3-hour experiential discovery workshop for those interested and wanting to learn more about crystal alchemy bowl healing before committing to immersive training.

Times and dates:


September 17, January 14, April 7


Where is the workshop?

The Self Workshop

27 rue Fernand Dol, 13100 Aix-en-Provence (Mazarin district)

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What should you bring/wear?

Carpets, mattresses, cushions are provided in the workshop.

Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move and relax.

Bring a bottle of water as we recommend drinking plenty of water after each session.

Price: €65

Book directly by clicking on this link

Email or WhatsApp her at 0644961654.

In-person Crystal Alchemy Sound Healing Level 1 certificate training, one-day intensives, and two-day trainings are scheduled throughout the year. Contact Eunice for more information or consult the list of workshops on

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