Portal Of Sound


Acoustic Sound Bath x Electronic Ambient Sound Journey

| Awakening | Dimension | Purification | Transcendent | Spiritual Soundscape |

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Portal Of Sound

Acoustic Sound Bath x Electronic Ambient Sound Journey

| Awakening | Dimension | Purification | Transcendent | Spiritual Soundscape |

Submerge your Consciousness and Sail Down to the Portal Of Sound.

Crystal Bowl of Light is collaborating with Sat Chit Ananda with this special double-bill event of healing soundscape.

The First session: Portal I – The Acoustic Sound Bath

With premium acoustic therapeutic instruments including Alchemy Crystal Bowls, “8 Corners of Heaven” Gong, Ancient Himalaya Bowls, Ancient Qing Temple Bowls, Double-sided Tongue Drum, Ocean Drum, etc.

Immerse and Relax in the Pure Healing Vibrational Frequencies.

The Second session: Portal II – The Electronic Ambient Sound Journey

With electronic instruments such as Laptop, Sampler, Synth, Voice to create Digital Spiritual Imaginative Higher Dimension. Transcend and Arise in the Meditative Soundscape with Love & Light.


Venue: 23/F, Ikigai, ArtPiece Building, 3 Mathewson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Date: August 6th, 2022

Hours: Saturday: 15:00 – 17:00

Fee: Single Ticket: HK$680

Book with a friend or more: HK$550/ticket


Candace C

Sound Meditator: Candace C

@Crystal Bowl of Light

Candace has careers as colourful as her vibrantly extrovert personality, from hospitality to media to ecommerce.  Born a big sister, these aspects both fuelled her natural skillset to support, mentor & uplift all those who cross her path.  In 2020 a great year of change, half persuaded by her sister,  half instinctively drawn in by herself, Candace finally made the leap to answer her calling to be the natural born spiritual healer with her highly in-tuned intuitive & psychic gifts. Established as a Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowl Temple guardian for Hong Kong, she now holds space for those seeking sacred sound healing as well as those on their path in beginning and expanding their healer/shaman/teacher’s offerings through connecting with the divine vibrations that seek them and that they seek.


Paul Yip PYSCA 葉破

Sound Healer: PYSCA 葉破

@Sat Chit Ananda 圓道流


Curator, Artistic Director, Music Consultant, Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Sound Designer, DJ and Sound Healer.

Spiritual Sound, Cinematic Soundscape, Ambient Noise, Minimal Piano, Abstract Electronics.

By the means of Arts and Vibrational Frequency, he’s trying to share the ways to be One and Emptiness, Accept & Let go, Balance & Harmonize with the Flow of Naturality in pure ways.

After practicing with Spiritual Sound Master Nara Yuji in sacred deep forest in Kumano Kodo Japan (World Heritage pilgrimage mountain route) he gets into the path of Sound Healing. He’s getting the Nada Yoga Teacher and International Sacred Sound Healer Certification at Rishikesh India. He’s invited to do live performance for yoga centers, Tibetan Rinpoche and Tangka painting students. With international performing experiences and phenomenal attention to details, he’s highly recommended by professionals including Doctor, Director, Author, Photographer, Choreographer, Art Director, Musician, Tea House Owner, Dancer, Elder Centre Manager, CEO of Sotheby Australia.

Relocated from Montreal he works in projects such as Dance/Theatre Sound Design, Sound Installation, Soundtrack for Films, Curating Art Festival, Music Events and Workshops. He was Music Consultant for Mall Fashion Show, Restaurant, Hotel and custom making music playlist for Lane Crawford/Joyce/Vogue etc. He’s the Founder of [Feel Music Experimental Lab] and Technical Manager of Videotage organising Video Art and New Media Exhibition. He’s the Director of IZEN, providing Professional Sound&Lighting/Video Mapping/3D Printing/Multi-Media Production.
Collaborating and Improvising with countless Musicians, Artists and Dancers/Choreographers (Katie Duck, Kirstie Simson,Mark Alban Lotz, Mushimaru Fujieda, Shin Eunju, Nara Yuji, Motimaru, Black Su Hei, SEOP dance company…etc) for over 12years experiences. He performed at Passage Festival COPENHAGEN, La Sala Rossa MONTREAL, PGN Nordic Art Festival at Bergen Kjott/Ametysten NORWAY, Das Kapital BERLIN, Body.Radical Festival BUDAPEST, Flying Teapot TOKYO, TPAM Yokohama, Himeji Bungakukan JAPAN, Fruityspace/School Bar BEIJING, Contemporary Art Museum PSA SHANGHAI, Architecture Biennale SHEN ZHEN, 33Space SZ, Clockenflap HK, HK Arts Centre, HK Cultural Centre, HK Academic of Performing Art, Yun Tea House, Venetian/Old Court Theatre MACAU, Spring Scream Music Festival TAIWAN, Jeju Art Fair, Busan Cultural Center, Busan Improv Dance Festival, Busan International Dance Market and Being invited to be Artist in Residence at SHIN Dance Theatre in KOREA. His Curating omni-disciplinary artists collective project “Project. OA – Orbital Aritual” with Artist Talk, Workshop, Exhibition and Multi-Media Dance Theatre was touring in Norway, HK and Shenzhen.
Photos credit: Oneness Zeng
Graphic design: Paul Y