[Online: Global] Love Sound Peace Healing Circle

$ 150.00

Gift yourself 1 hour of Self Love this summer by joining us on a 7 week online healing journey


– What we give, we receive a thousand fold in return –

Turmoils and unrests of today’s world could be seen as reflections of our own inner conflicts.  Instead of trying to change other people’s thoughts or behaviours, or control situations or circumstances, our best practice is simply to take care of our inner peace first. An act of self love could bring ripple effects for world peace.

Called by the greater global community, I am inspired to initiate this 7 week summer journey to infuse ourselves with Love, Sound and Peace.  All of which has no boundary and touches us to the core of our being.

It is with this intention that I invite you to come join our Healing Circle and share the joy of sending love and peace to a circle of bodies, minds and souls as one while submerged in the harmonious sound of the crystal bowls.  There is a tremendous healing power in being in and creating such a state of loving kindness within ourselves in support of others.


Online by zoom

Weekly zoom link sent out by email upon registration.


Every Monday from 11th July, 2022 – 22nd August, 2022.

13h-14h CET

19h-20h HKT

21h-22h AEST

7h-8h EDT


Each session we travel through different parts of our body, energy centres, emotions and together with healing frequencies from the corresponding crystal alchemy bowls, we activate the natural state of well being within.  Through rituals, mindful exercises, breathing, healing sound frequencies, we create a circle of healing light for the group and we send out this vibration of love to those beyond our circle.

How much:

15 EUR / HK$150 / 15 USD

90 EUR / HK$900 / 90 USD for 7 sessions.

register with eunice@crystalbowloflight.com

Additional information

Feu 9 juin (jeudi) - 9h30 - 10h45

Feu, 9 juin, (jeudi), 9h30 – 10h45

Air 12 juin (dimanche) - 10h - 11h15

Air, 12 juin, (dimanche), 10h – 11h15

Éther 17 juin (vendredi) - 16h45 - 18h

Éther, 17 juin, (vendredi), 16h45 – 18h