[In person: FR] Chakra y Luna - Monthly Sound Bath Workshop


Experience, through listening with your entire body, a profound relaxation journey, a journey inwards to be intimate with your inner stillness.


Monthly Crystal Bowl Sound Bath – Chakra y Luna

Experience, through listening with your entire body, a profound relaxation journey, a journey inwards to be intimate with your inner stillness.

Perhaps you have tried practicing meditation on your own but finding it not so easy and not so sustainable? Or you would like to find a way to relax and calm your busy mind knowing that it would serve you in your daily life?

Sound baths give you that opportunity to drop into a meditative state effortlessly. The more you experience that stillness within, the more you build that neural pathway to access that inner calmness, even when you face stressful situations in life.


What are Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls?

Crystal Tones Crystal Alchemy Singing bowls are made from 99.992% pure quartz. This crystal is an amplifier. It amplifies the intention we set about.  Its crystalline structure resembles the crystalline structures within our body ( our bone structure, our nervous system, our organs ).  Using a special technique of intense high heat up to 2200 degrees celsius), the pure quartz is combined with different gemstones, earth elements, minerals, precious and semi precious stones, creating a variety of “alchemies.”  Each bowl is handmade and therefore unique with their special vibrational frequencies.


What do they do?

These unique frequencies entrain and attune to different parts of our body, our subtle body, our electromagnetic fields and bring them into harmonic balance with healing benefits.


What do I do in a sound bath?

There are many forms of energy healing and sound healing is becoming a more and more accessible one.  There are also growing number of scientific researches helping us to understand and explore this healing modality which has been around in many ancient civilisations.  The sensual experience of this healing is not only experienced through listening with our ears, we could feel these vibrations throughout our body.

Meditation is very talked about today, which sounds so simple yet not that easy to grasp or practice.  Through a sound bath experience, we learn a part of meditation which involves the total surrendering of control and be in a state of receiving. Something we humans today need some learning to do.

During a sound bath with crystal alchemy singing bowls, we might normally begin with bringing our energies to calm down and be present through focusing on our breathing.  We might then start with some gentle movements of the body to help move energies around so that we could reach that state of flow in stillness more easily.  An invocation or intention would be set for the class to begin the sound experience.   You would be guided gently to focus on your breathing and relax laying down with blankets to keep you warm.  You might be actually fall asleep and that’s ok!  At the end of the session, you’d be given plenty of time to slowly come back gently.


Who could benefit from this?

Anyone is welcome, whether you are an experienced meditator, yoga practitioner or someone with zero practice, as long as you are open to the experience, the sound would go where it is needed without you needing to be DOING anything.



-effective way to reach profound relaxation using sound

-reducing stress and anxiety

-more in tune with your body, your emotions, your energies

-learn to be in a still meditative state

-finding your own inner calmness and stillness

-align with your own true being

*Children less than 10 years old might find it difficult to hold still for extended period and we normally modify the class to cater for children with a bit more movement and shorter period of sound bath.


Practical Information:

Each month we’d focus on different energy centres in our body,  and also working with the lunar energies of the time. Each session can be experienced individually or as a series together.

Time and Dates:

10h Sundays:

2/10, 6/11, 11/12,

29/1, 26/2, 26/3,

30/4, 21/5, 18/6


Where is the studio?

L’atelier de Soi

27 rue Fernand Dol, 13100 Aix-en-Provence (Quartier Mazarin)

(Open in Google Maps)


What to bring/wear?

Mats, mattresses, cushions are provided in the studio

Wear comfortable clothing you could move in and relax in

Bring a water bottle as we recommend drinking plenty of water after each session



25 eur / session

45 eur / 2 sessions / 2 pp

180 eur / 9 sessions


Book directly with Eunice@crystalbowloflight.com or WhatsApp/Message her on 0644961654


A 4 hr Discovery Workshop to be offered each trimester. In person certificate training for Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowl Practitioners scheduled for April, 2023. Contact Eunice for more information or consult workshop listings on www.atelierdesoi.com


Additional information

Feu 9 juin (jeudi) - 9h30 - 10h45

Feu, 9 juin, (jeudi), 9h30 – 10h45

Air 12 juin (dimanche) - 10h - 11h15

Air, 12 juin, (dimanche), 10h – 11h15

Éther 17 juin (vendredi) - 16h45 - 18h

Éther, 17 juin, (vendredi), 16h45 – 18h