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Mood over matter, how emotional intelligence can improve firms competency


The Global Pandemic is surely one of the biggest impacts happening in history, no one can foresee how quickly the global economy would return to the same level as before. One of the most concerns is the emerging mental health issues may evolve into long lasting health problems, such as stress, anxiety, depressive symptoms, insomnia, denial, anger and fear globally. 


A lot of companies have set up policies for staff to work from home. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages for the employers as well as employees. 


How Corporate firms can monitor performance and make sure staff won’t feel isolated and disconnected?

How Corporates can increase staff morale and extend bonding among employees as well as creating micromoments with deeper connection with the firms and the team?


Developing emotional intelligence on your team

How to help employees develop their emotional intelligence is a vital key for Corporates to stay united. 


According to Harvard Business Review, there are five components of emotional intelligence at work 

  1. Self-awareness 
  2. Self regulation 
  3. Motivation 
  4. Empathy
  5. Social Skill 

Other researchers have confirmed that emotional intelligence not only distinguishes outstanding leaders but can also be linked to strong performance. Mindful self-awareness is associated with decreased activation of brain regions associated with rumination, according to research published in the journal Biological Psychology. Meditation training certainly increases the ability to perceive the self in a more healthy, present-moment way. More and more companies around the World have begun incorporating meditation sessions into their workdays, so their employees can enhance their emotional intelligence skills, stay healthier, improve productivity and creating a harmonious workplace environment. Crystal Bowl of Light and our trainers can assist and bring this vital force to your company and employees. 


Why should your firm consider Crystal Bowl of Light services?

  • Better focus and concentration 
  • Reduced stress and anxiety, with better sleep 
  • Decreased employee burnout 
  • Gain emotional intelligence to better manage conflicts 
  • Boost productivity, efficiency and creativity
  • Better problem solving skills 
  • Increased feelings of happiness and fulfilment 
  • Better physical health and releasing toxic emotional blockage
  • Positive thinking and compassion in relationship


If this sounds interesting to your company and wonder how to incorporate this highly effective form of meditation practice to your firm, or would like to provide a unique Crystal Singing Bowls Concert for your Company event, we would be delighted to have a conversation with you. Looking forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to contact 


During these unprecedented times, Crystal Bowl of Light is offering our services both physically or virtually.