Allow Miracle of Love Set

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Miracle of Love set
St. Gemain Aura Bowl
Note: B(+10) – Crown Chakra
Size: 6” (15.2cm)
Energetic Signatures: St. Germain Aura – Made of Pink Gold and Platinum, the St. Germain/Violet Flame bowls are powerful master teachers. Through St. Germain Alchemy comes the wisdom of ascension. It supports the embodiment of high vibrational Source Energy in our physical body. It holds the energy of Divinity in action through our humanness.
Violet Aura Gold, Aqua Aura Gold Bowl
Note: E(+20) – Solar Plexus Chakra
Size: 8” (20.3cm)
Energetic Signatures: Violet Aura Gold – Violet Aura holds a miraculous spiritual energy and opens the possibility to access the high frequency of the violet light. This energy is the spiritual energy of love, mercy, justice, freedom and transmutation. This heavenly alchemy is the one behind the science of miracles if we allow them to precipitate in this dimension.
Aqua Aura Gold – Influencing the balance of the analytical mind aspect and transmuting blockages that give rise to disharmony, Aqua aura gold lovingly entrains the auric fields for quantum shifting and activating.
Green Heart Ocean Gold Bowl
Note: G(+15) – Throat Chakra
Size: 7” (17.7cm)
Energetic Signatures: Green Heart Ocean Gold – Firing gold in a special process to create green color, this bowl is about opening the heart fully to giving and receiving love and embodying radiant health. It allows us to be more kind and open and compassionate to others in the process of living in this human body. Green Heart Ocean Gold carries the power of the ocean in an ongoing, healing stream, in an ebb and flow of golden green energy. The above set is created and harmonized by Crystal Tones to create unique energy sets, considering their notes, crystal properties and energetic frequencies from the alchemies. We can also assist you in creating your own set or enlarge an existing set you have. Included with each bowl: an silicone O-ring and a sueded mallet
Complementary for set of 3 bowls or more: 1 Crystal Tone™ original Ballistic Protective Carrying Case