Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Viewing

$ 300.00



As a Crystal Tones™ Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Viewing Temple, we hold a sacred space for the matching of you and your bowls – as much as you are seeking them, they are calling on you as well. Answer that calling and arrange a 1:1 session and begin your journey.

This unique experience allows you to dive deeper to self-exploration and realisation. The harmonic sound vibration of the amazing collection of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls designed for healing on an energetic level that effects the mind, emotions and physical body.

When you are searching the right match for your vibration tools, we would assist and explain how this sound vibration with  each different tones have their own healing power combining with rare minerals and crystals for additional effect.

Crystal Tones™ Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls would be chosen at that time to work with your uniqueness to bring healing and balance into your present experience.

Duration: 60 min

Location: in studio by appointment only

*If you purchase the bowls, we will deduct the charge from the bowl price.