Platinum, And Crone Goddess (rim) Bowl

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Platinum, And Crone Goddess Bowl
Note: G# (+45) – Thymus Gland
Size: 6” (15.2cm)

Energetic Signatures:
Platinum – Pastel rainbow elegance is achieved in our yin energy Platinum Bowl that stimulates the Divine Feminine, relieves stress and depression and aligns the intuitive emotional body. This stunning alchemical bowl unifies astral and physical body fields in a sonic opalescent rainbow bath – a super harmonizer/balancer. It has a calming, steadying, grounding effect for perfect attunement resonance. A beautiful addition to any sacred union celebration.

Crone Goddess – The Crone Goddess or dark mother is the last aspect of the Triple Goddess, together with the Mother and the Maiden she represents part of the circle of life. The Crone is Gaia energy. She is free of menses, aligned with the graceful strength and dreamtime magic of the Swan, and shamanic practices, at home in her body. Time apart and discernment expand her divine wisdom.