Larimar Mother of Platinum with Pink Ocean Gold Bowl

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Larimar Mother of Platinum with Pink Ocean Gold Bowl
Note: C (-40) – High Crown Chakra
Size: 6” (15.2cm)

Energetic Signatures:
Larimar – With its soft blue colors, Larimar has the energies of the sea and sky. It helps one to understand their purpose in life and find their place in the overall scheme of things. With its connection to the wisdom of Atlantis and the ocean, it allows the release of all emotions that do not serve and supports going with the flow of things. It aids in clearer communication and unblocking emotional pain.

Mother of Platinum – A natural fusion of pure quartz and platinum creating a fullness of the spirt energy of Venus, the matriarchal goddess of love. Influential, powerful and effective in working through emotional issues. Pink Ocean Gold – The soft and nurturing embrace of our love source, with the strength of ageless wisdom, grace and healing. Pink Ocean Gold sings of the power of the heart in accomplishing a life well lived through compassion and courage.