Sound baths, sound journeys, sound ceremonies and sound meditations are as much rituals and practices as yoga or dance. In each of these activities, we reconnect to ourselves, to our own inner selves, thanks to the sounds that resonate with the highest vibrations of our being.

What benefits can I get from it?

– a deep relaxation
– a decrease in stress
– a psychological and mental “letting go
– a better attention
– a more restful sleep
– a better intuitive connection

Who can practice ?

– people who are under a lot of stress and need deep relaxation
– people with a busy lifestyle who do not have the time to practice meditation regularly

What should I wear? What should I bring?

Any comfortable clothing that you feel comfortable in and that allows you to move freely for the relaxation movements that begin the session. Yoga mats are provided.  Bring a towel or light blanket to cover yourself if you get cold during the meditation.
Bring a bottle of water to keep yourself well hydrated after the session.

For private or corporate group sessions, please email us in advance so that we can tailor your session to your needs.